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Land and Live in Extreme Environments for World War 2 Airmen - 3 Films
Land and live in extreme conditions for World War 2 flyers
Still photos taken from the films

Land and Live in Extreme Environments
for World War 2 Airmen
New Digital Audio and Video Restoration 11/2018
The complete three film series on survival training for air crew,
produced by the Army Air Force Film Production Laboratory at Wright Field.
Land and Live in the Desert
Land and Live in the Jungle
Land and Live in the Arctic

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Description Our DVD Specs
Land and Live in Extreme Environments for World War 2 Airmen
Digitally Restored audio and Video The complete three film series on survival training for air crew, produced by the Army Air Force Film Production Laboratory at Wright Field.
Land and Live in the Desert (1944, B&W, 36 minutes)
This remarkable film dramatization was used in World War 2 to train US aircrew on how to survive a crash landing in the desert. After getting shot up, Army Air Force B-24 Liberator "Pippin" lands 400 miles from their nearest base, 60 miles from the nearest watering hole, on the desolate sands of North Africa. Two of the crew are wounded and temperatures hit 130 degrees F during the day. Their radio is out and they forgot to bring critical emergency supplies, figuring they wouldn't need them. What follows is a text book case on how to make it out of the desert. You'll see how to turn a B-24 into a liveable survival shelter, strip your aircraft of useful parts,set up and maintain beacon fires day and at night, learn from the Arabs on how to dress and drink in the desert, build and mark a rescue landing strip, ration food, water and supplies, deal with the hot sun & dehydration and a lot more. You shoukld stay with your ship for three days, but if you're not spotted by then, it may be a good idea to send a couple of guys for water and help, so you'll learn how to trek across the desert through sand storms and blistering heat. All this is shown in dramatic 1940s "film noire" fashion, featuring a cast of notable character actors including Craig "Peter Gunn" Stevens, also to be seen in "How to fly the B-26" and "Recognition of the Japanese Zero."
Land and Live in the Jungle (1943 B&W, 60-minutes)
Five crewmen from a stricken B-25 bomber parachute into a dense tropical jungle, many miles from their nearest base. The dramatic story of how they make it out is fascinating and informative viewing. Four of the crew land together & get just about everything right. Rather than fighting the jungle, they learn to make use of its many resources. On the other hand, the planes pilot, Captain Harris, played by Academy Award winning actor Van Heflin, is separated from the others, panics and does just about everything wrong -- and pays a heavy price for his ignorance. From their examples, here's just some of what you'll learn: how to use your parachute for everything from making a hammock to catching fish - and more, avoiding large predators and snakes, treating scrapes & wounds to avoid jungle rot, plants and fruits to use and avoid for food and water, what fish and animals are safe to eat. using Halazone & Atabrine tablets to purify water and fight malaria, setting traps and snares to catch small animals and birds, dealing with and preventing insect bites, getting rid of leeches, setting up a jungle kitchen and preparing food, building and piloting a river raft, dealing with crocodiles, building temporary shelters and long term camps, using signal mirrors and fires to aid search planes, dealing with the local natives and a whole lot more.
Land and live in the Arctic (1943 B&W, 60-minutes
A young P-40 pilot, Lt Hardy, flying "Tail End Charlie" on a bomber escort mission has engine trouble and a radio malfunction at the same time. He's forced to make a crash landing in deep snow among the trees and scrub in "the frozen North." He's been briefed about what to take along in case of emergency -- only some of which he did. Gradually, he remembers what he was taught to survive in the Arctic, or figures it out for himself -- the hard way. Just some of what you'll learn along with Lt Hardy: the right way to crash land in the snow, using your parachute for bedding, shelter and to make 'mukluks" to keep your feet warm & dry, cannibalizing your aircraft for useful parts & petroleum products, building and maintaining a fire in snow, building a "wiki-up" to shelter from a storm, snaring rabbits, ice fishing and preparing food, making snow shoes, avoiding snow blindness, effectively managing layers of clothing to keep from freezing, edible trees & plants, avoiding frost bite, setting up signal fires and fur branch SOS messages, clearing a landing strip & a lot more!

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