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Put all your pilot's manuals on one CD-ROM
Put all your pilot's manuals on one CD-ROM
Regular Price $5.00

Pilot's manuals on our DVDs are viewable on PC or Mac based DVD players. Don't have a DVD player on your computer? We can put the manuals for all the DVDs in your order on a separate CD-ROM that will play on any home computer for just $5.00. more info
Photos from the Nuclear Space Ships, Avro Flying Saucers, Roswell Incidents & More DVD
Nuclear Space Ships, Avro Flying Saucers, Roswell Incidents & More
Our Price: $16.95
Introductory Sale Price $9.95

Six films fascinating films that are “really out there!”

*Nuclear Propulsion in Space Today using a nuclear reactor to power a space ship may seem like pure science fiction, but in fact, the United States did in depth testing and development of nuclear powered space flight staring in the 1950s and its still considered a viable system for deep space exploration and interplanetary missions to this day. This progress report was issued by NASA and Nuclear Energy Commission in 1968 and covers R&D programs going back to Los Alamos in the early 1950s through full power testing at Jackass Flats in Nevada and later at a facility near Sacramento California in the 1960s.

*Design & Development of Avro Canada VZ-9AV “Avrocar” Three very detailed “progress report” films showing design, development and testing produced in color by Avro Canada for the U.S.A.F.:

Avrocar Progress Report: February 1st 1958- May 1st 1959 (20 minutes)
Avrocar Disc Flight Development Progress Report May 2nd 1959- April 12th 1960 (23 Minutes
Avrocar Continuation Test Program and Terrain Test Program 1960-1961 (20 minutes)

The Avrocar was the result of a Canadian effort to develop a supersonic, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) fighter-bomber staring in the early 1950s, subsequently funded by the U.S. Army & Air Force. Its circular shape gave it the appearance of a “flying saucer” out of science fiction movies

*The Roswell ReportsThe so called “Roswell Incidents” are perennial fodder for cable TV exposes to this day. This is a concise summary of the United States Air Force's 800+ page reports issued in the 1990s in response theses “Roswell Incident” stories in New Mexico going back to 1947. UFO sightings, “Space Ship” crash sites, Area 51, secret bases, abductions, alien autopsies, the “red haired man” and more are covered. In every case, the Air Force gives a rational explanation or rebuttal to those sensational reports. Many storiess of “Alien Activity,” were in fact generated by events like extreme high altitude parachute drops, weather balloons, reentry capsule tests, missile range testing and more, many of them “top secret” at the time, that could only be made public later.

* Hiller “Flying Platform” Tests Although it never got past the prototype testing, Hiller's “Flying Platform” featuring an infantryman “flying” a small circular propeller driven platform beneath him, was a popular choice among scale modelers and in “Army Man” toy soldier sets in the 1950s and 60s because it was, well, really cool! These are color films produced by Hiller to document prototype test flights.

more info
Color photo of a North American Aviation X-15 experimental rocket plane ready for launch from a B-52 bomber during a speed record attempt
X-Planes and Test Pilots DVD
Regular Price $17.95
Sale Price: $12.95
You save $5.00!

* Profile of a Flight Test Pilot This film was developed by personnel at the Army Air Corps top secret Wright Field flight test facility to give pilots the low down on what to expect if they joined their aircraft testing program. But, there is much more. You also get a look behind the curtain at Wright Field at some of the rarest and most bizarre aircraft produced during World War II, including one-off prototypes.
* Research Test of Convair Model 7002/XF92A Airplane at U.S. Air Force Test Base Muroc, California
This airplane was the world's first jet aircraft to fly using the radical delta-wing configuration pioneered by Germany's Dr. Alexander Lippisch
. This rare color film shows the 7002 being tested by Consolidated in 1948 at the Muroc Test Base in California. It's hard to imagine a more influential aircraft, as the delta wing was not only adopted in the Convair's F-102 and B-58, but also in a long series of other US, British, French, and Russian designs.
* X-15 1960 (1960, COLOR, 27:00) This documentary was produced by North American Aviation to show the development of the X-15 rocket plane. The legendary test pilot, Scott Crossfield is at the controls. The test site is once again Edwards Air Force Base. There is some beautiful color footage of X-15 flights here as well as scenes of support, development and construction.
* X-15 1961 Annual Report (1961, COLOR, 18:00) The X-15 program really takes off in a record breaking year with Joe Walker, Scott Crossfield, Niel Armstrong and other legendary test pilots at the controls, soaring past Mach 3.
more info
Color photos of McDonnell F2H Banshee carrier based fighter bombers during the Korean War
Screamin' Banshees: The McDonnell F2H Fighter Goes to War
Regular Price $16.95
Sale Price: $12.95
You save $4.00!

Films on this DVD have received digital color correction and noise reduction restoration.
Naval Areal Tactics featuring the F2H-2 Banshee Color Produced by the Navy Department during the Korean War, this unique film is of compelling interest for two reasons. It features truly outstanding color footage of F2H-2 Banshee fighters operating singly and in squadron formation, dancing agilely among towering cumulus clouds. Second, it opens a fascinating window on US Navy carrier launched fighter operations and tactics from the time of the Korean War.
Meet the McDonnell F2H Produced by McDonnell aircraft, this film served as an introduction to their newest fighter the FH2, and details it's numerous improvements over the companies first jet fighter, the FH-1 Phantom. You'll get a walk around of the aircraft and see her doing spectacular aerobatics. Then you'll get a look inside the McDonnell assembly line to see FH2 construction and inside a Westinghouse engine plant to see production and testing of her compact yet powerful J34 axial flow turbojets. Finally, you'll see her high and low speed performance capabilities, including mock carrier landings and outstanding single engine performance.
Carrier Action Off Korea This film gives an historical summary of the role played by carrier forces in the Korean War, as told through dramatic, first person documentary footage of carrier operations and gun camera film. You'll see McDonnell F2H Banshees, Grumman F9F Panthers, Douglas AD-1 Sky Raiders and World War II vintage Vought F4Us on the deck, in the air and pounding targets.
* 44 page McDonnell FH2-1 "Pilots Handbook" in Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format with text, and illustrations, including flight and systems controls, fuel and electrical systems, operating instructions, takeoffs and landings, dives, flight characteristics, gun site controls, emergency procedures, operating charts, tables and diagrams and much more.
more info
Photo of a Marine operating an M60 machine gun in the Vietnam war.
Semper Fi-Marines in Vietnam
Regular Price $16.95
Sale Price: $12.95
You save $4.00!

Six exciting films featuring the US Marine Corps in Vietnam NEW
*The Battle: Operation Pirhana
Air and sea "verticle envelopment" against the VC. Heavy fighting in caves.
*20th Helicopter Squadron CH-3C "Jolly Green Giant" Helicopters support Marine Delta Force Amphibious landing during "Operation Double Eagle"
Exclusive! CH-3C helicopters support Marine Delta Force Operation Double Eagle, the largest amphibious landing in the Vietnam War. The best quality footage of CH-3 "Jolly Green Giant" operations to come out of the Vietnam War.
*Marines '66 The entire sweep of Marine Corps actions in 1966, including Operations "Hastings and Prairie" Exciting toe-to-toe combat footage with live sound!
*The Battle of Khe Sahn
The US Marines turn back NVA General Giap's big offensive.
*The Ordeal at Con Thien
Marines are holed up and heavily shelled -- and don't like it. They want to go on the offensive!
* A Day in Vietnam
Marine and Navy operations across Vietnam on a typical day in 1967. Pationately narated by "Dragnet" (and former Marine DI) Jack Web.
* Plus "OPERATOR’S MANUAL FOR MACHINE GUN, 7.62-MM, M60, 220 pages
in .pdf file format.

more info
Photos of the US army from the Vietnam War:
The United States Army in Vietnam
Regular Price $16.95
Sale Price: $12.95
You save $4.00!

The United States Army in Vietnam - Four Films plus a 381 page Field & Depot Maintenance Manual for the M48A3 Patton tank (.pdf). Digital color correction and noise reduction restoration.See the American Army in action in the Vietnam War from the rice paddies of the Mekong Delta to the Iron Triangle near Saigon to mountain fire base fights in the Central Highlands in these revealing color films.

The 1st Division – In July 1965, the “Big Red 1" was the first division sized American unit to be sent to Vietnam. This film gives a year by year account of the divisions actions fought from landing through their departure in 1970.

The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment “The Black Horse Regiment” was a uniquely independent unit, functioning as an armored fist, re-enforcing other units in battle and in a wide variety of other roles including convoy escort through enemy territory and jungle clearing. The 4th Infantry Division The “I Vee Men” arrived in Vietnam in the the Summer of 1966. Part of II Corps, they were soon carving out their base of operations at Dragon Mountain, near Pleiku, and fighting in the mountains & jungles of the Central Highlands.
The 9
th Infantry Division 'The Old Reliables” were deployed in Vietnam in 1967 to IV Corps in Southern South Vietnam. In conjunction with the US Navy, as part of “The Mobile Riverine Force, their area of operations were the watery swamps, rivers and rice paddies of the vast Mekong River Delta.

* Complete 381 page Field & Depot Maintenance Manual for the M48A3 Patton tank Adobe Acrobat .pdf file forma, viewable & printable on any PC or Mac computer based DVD player..

more info
Photos of American Military Helicopters
Chopper-American Military Helicopters & Their Crews 1940-1980
Our Price: $16.95
Sale Price: $12.95
You save $4.00!

Seven Films

* Flying the Sikorsky H-19 Chicasaw Helicopter Transitional training with the Sikorsky H-19. The Sikorsky H-19 and its subsequent variants were workhorse utility helicopters for all branches of the U.S. military and many allied forces in the 1950s & 60s, playing prominent roles in conflicts from Korea through the Vietnam War and in many civilian rescue operations.The film covers eight steps: Pre-flight Inspection, Cockpit Procedures, Taxiing, Hovering, Takeoff, Auto-rotation, Approach and Engine Shutdown. The film offers very detailed views of this classic "Chopper," inside and out.

* Bell AH-1J and AH-1T SeaCobra Attack Helicopters in Combat The U.S. Marine Corps H-1J and AH-1T SeaCobra helicopters are twin engined variants of the Army's AH-1G Huey Cobras, which had been introduced during the Vietnam War.The Marine Cobras saw limited action at the end of the Vietnam War and then in in Grenada in 1983, the Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Operation Iraqi freedom.. nautical miles. They can reach speed of 170 knots , cruise at 140, have a range of 100 miles and are IFR equipped for all weather and night operations. They can mount a wide range of weapons.The film shows Marine Cobras performing critical missions, mostly in support of amphibious landings.

* USAF 20th Helicopter Squadron CH-3C Jolly Green Giants in Vietnam
Operation Double Eagle in late January, 1966, was the largest Marine amphibious assault since the Korean War and the largest conducted during the Vietnam War. 5,000 "Delta Force" marines from 1st Marines, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, and 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines landed by ship and helicopter in southern Quang Ngai Province near Duc Pho. Great quality color footage shows USAF 20th Squadron "Jolly Green Giant" CH-3C helos operating out of Danang supporting the amphibious landing in a variety of roles including ferrying 105mm howitzers from "Red Beach" inland to forward fire bases, transporting causalities and captured VC, bringing in spare parts and ferrying civilians from the combat zone to safe havens.

* Shotgun Rider: Huey Helicopter Door Gunners in the Vietnam War One of the iconic images from the War in Vietnam is of U.S army door gunners firing M-60 machine gun bursts from a low flying Huey into the jungle below. This fascinating film shows all aspects of door gunner duty, from training through deployment in front line units in Vietnam. And the film isn't just about these 'Shotgun Riders," it's also an informative look at all aspects of Huey Attack Helicopter operations & tactics in Vietnam.

* Chopper Pilot Often called "The Helicopter War," Vietnam produced an explosion in demand for trained pilots & crew. Starting with basic classroom work on aerodynamics, engineering & more at Fort Walters Training Center, promising students, soon move on to to basic flight school in the minuscule TH 155 trainer to learn basic flight controls & helicopter handling and then on to their first solo flight. (Then a veteran military instructor takes over to teach them advances skills, including low level cross country flying, navigation, formation flying and recon work. Those that pass the test move on to Ft. Rucker, Alabama for advanced training ion the lager TH13T, including instruments, ADF and GCa. The next step up is to the ubiquitous Huey UH1 and includes basic maintenance and familiarization with the Huey gunship variant. Training culminates in an 8 Day "Field Problem," where everything is done to simulate operating in real combat conditions doing a variety of missions, including heavy lifting, recon, transport & LZ support.

Boeing CH-47 Chinook Airlifts Chaparral Defense System (1977,Color,25:00)
From their inception Helicopters were seen as ideal carriers for transporting loads from Point A to Point B in remote, inaccessible areas in a relatively short time. The Army's Boeing CH-47 Chinook is a prime example that could lift up to 10,000 lbs. This nuts and bolts, how its done film shows an Army team airlifting a M54 forward air defense launcher, mounting four MIM-72A heat seeking missiles, in an emergency situation in the desert by decoupling it from it's tracked carrier and transporting it to a hot spot to provide a ready to go defensive shield.

Bonus: World War Two Helicopters. (1941-45,B&W,Silent,10:00) These very rare archival film shows test flights of three of the first operational military helicopters in World War 2: the German twin rotor Focke Achgelis Fa 223 Drache (Dragon0, the German single rotor, forward engined Flettner FL265, and the American Vought Sikorsky VS 3000 Amphibious helicopter.

more info
Photos from the Vietnam War: Huey and Chinook Helicopters,  air mobile infantry wading through deep swamps  and air dropped field artillery.
Air Mobile Vietnam
Regular Price $16.95
Sale Price: $13.95
You save $3.00!

Films on this DVD have received digital color correction and noise reduction restoration.

* Sky Troopers: First Cavalry Division, Air Mobile focuses on the revolutionary development of organization, mission and tactics of this unit as the first truly independent "air mobile" division that could have all it's components, including command and control, supply, logistics, communications, transport, infantry, and light artillery air transported and fully deployed primarily by it's own helicopters and supported by it's own gunships
* The Army Air Mobility Team in Action in Vietnam focuses on air mobile operations as they happened in the field, with a heavy emphasis on combat footage. You'll see a variety of offensive operations, including the "vertical envelopment" assaults on hilltops via Hueys & Chinooks landing infantry, supported by USAF bombers & helicopter gunships, to establish LZs for terrain commanding fire bases
* 'Huey' in a Helicopter War was produce Bell Aircraft to show the essential part played of their "Huey" UH-1 Iroquois Helicopter in nine different of rolls, including recon & fire direction, transport & supply, a variety of assault gunships configuration, and medical evacuations. The film uses dramatic combat footage to illustrate the theory, tactics and practice of Huey operations, including from the cockpit views of airborne assaults and the establish and development of LZ's.
* The Battle of Ia Drang Valley is a "Special Report" produced by CBS News one week after this pivotal battle was fought in the Fall of 1965, introduced by Walter Cronkite and narrated by then combat correspondent and subsequent "Sixty-Minutes" regular Morley Safer. As such, it can be seen today on two levels: as an an almost immediate after action documentary report on the campaign, including combat footage and interviews with troops at all levels, and as a window on the way the war was covered by "The Media" during a critical escalation that saw the first large scale use of air mobile operations against newly massed, large concentrations of North Vietnamese regular army troops operating in the South -- and the resulting increase in casualties.
* Complete 430-page "Operator's Manual for Army Model UH1/V Helicopters" in Adobe Acrobat File Format.
more info
Photos of the North American F-86 Sabre jet fighter and its carrier borne Navy variant, the FJ2.
The North American F-86, FJ-2 DVD
Regular Price $16.95
Sale Price: $14.95
You save $2.00!

How to Fly the North American FJ-2 (Color) The FJ-2 was the US Navy's version of the Air Force F-86 Sabre jet.
* Part One: Flight Capabilities of the FJ-2 Airplane
* Part Two: FJ-2 Familiarization and Emergency Procedures
* The Fighting 51st See the 'Fighting 51st" Fighter Group and their F-86 Sabres in action in Korea including A typical mission.
* We flew the Mig In 1953, a North Korean defector handed over the first Russian Mig. Chuck Yeagar puts it through it's paces. Hear a point by point comparison with the F-86.
"No Sweat" Produced by USAFE to cut down on accidents. The star is the featured all weather F-86D, shown in detail.
*North American F-86F pilot's manual (438 pages) See F-86 performance charts, detailed operating instructions, cockpit photos, systems diagrams, weapons operations,f light characteristics and more.
more info
Color photo of a Convair B-58 Hustler supersonic jet bomber, holder of numerous international speed and altitude records.
Record Breaker: The B-58 Hustler Story Vol.1
Regular Price $19.95
Sale Price: $14.95

Record Breaker: The B-58 Hustler Story DVD Volume 1
A pilot once said of the B-58
, "She looked like she was breaking the sound barrier just sitting on the tarmac." The B-58 wasn't just one of the fastest bombers of her day, she was one of the fastest military planes period. In the early 1960s the B-58 gained 14 speed and performance records, many previously held by Soviet aircraft.
* B-58 Bendix Trophy Race 1962 (Color) On March 5th, 1962, Capt Robert G Sauer & his crew in "Tall Man 55" took off from Carswell AFB, Fort Worth, Texas to break three transcontinental speed records in one day, over 4,500 miles -- in "Operation Heat Rise."
* B-58 Low Altitude Bombing Capability (Color) This film focuses on the low altitude sections of "Tall Man 55s" record breaking March 5th flight. Great views of the Hustler at very low altitude from inside & outside the cockpit at Mach two.
* The Bleriot Trophy (Color) In 1930 the French aviation pioneer established a prize for the first aircraft to average over 2,000 kph for thirty minutes. See how B-58 Hustler "Firefly" took the prize.
* Champion of Champions (Color) Isn't that the legendary star and war hero James Stewart climbing out of the pilot's seat of the B-58 that just touched down? "Yup!" -- and he's ready willing and able to give you his first hand impressions of an aircraft he is obviously has fallen in love with.
DVD includes two B-58 flight manuals with over 450 pages of detailed information.

more info
A color photo of a Boeing B-47 Stratojet nuclear bomber as shown in the video Stratojet: Meet Your Boeing B-47
The Boeing B-47 Stratojet DVD
Regular Price $17.95
Sale Price: $14.95
You save $3.00!

The Boeing B-47 Stratojet DVD
* Flying the Boeing B-47 New addition!
This comprehensive training film, was produced by the US Air Force to familiarize pilots and aircrew transitioning from prop driven aircraft like the B-29 to the new world of the B-47, the USAF's first jet bomber. You'll see a history of early US jet bomber development starting in 1943, followed by a thorough discussion of the Stratojet's flight characteristics, from pre-flight check through landing
* Stratojet: Meet Your Boeing B-47
You'll see the design, development, and manufacturing of the B-47. Then you'll follow a crew from SAC's McConnell Air Force Base (3250th Combat Crew Training Wing) on a training mission that simulates a night attack on a target in the US. There are some great shots of the Stratojet on the ground and in the air, including night air refueling.
* B-47 Combat Maneuvers In 1954 the Air Force conducted a series of tests that showcased the B-47's outstanding agility, doing “toss bombing.” The aircraft would approach the target low and at high speed, pull up sharply, open bomb bay doors, use momentum to literally fling the bomb towards the target and then execute the rest of a half loop Immelman turn so that they were flying back in the opposite direction. Seeing the big B-47 execute this maneuver (and barrel rolls too!) is truly memorable. Cameras located all over the aircraft give unique views during the test flights.
* Two extensive B-47 Flight Manuals

more info
Photo of a McDonnell F4C Phantom fighter.
Airstrike Vietnam DVD
Regular Price $16.95
Sale Price: $14.95
You save $2.00!

The United Sates Air Force in Vietnam A wide ranging look at the US Air Force's Role in Vietnam, including exciting air action. Many types of aircraft and their roles are covered as well as the men who flew and maintained them.
The Twenty-Five Hour Day; A Story of Air Force F-105s
This film, produced by Fairchild-Hiller-Republic for the US Air Force, offers a unique look inside F-105 “Thunderchief” (The "Thud”) fighter-bomber operations when the air campaign against North Vietnamese supply lines was ramping up into high gear.
FAC F-100 Supports US Army You'll see an Air Force Forward Air Controller (FAC) assigned to the 1st Division, flying a tiny Cessna O-1E “Bird Dog,” operating in conjunction with three F-100 fighter bombers out of Phan Rang and local Army artillery. Their mission: is in support of 3rd Brigade operations against VC bases near Lai Khe, 50 miles from Saigon.
Air Power at Khe Sanh In the Spring and Summer of 1967, North Vietnamese commander General Giap targeted III Marine Amphibious Force and South Vietnamese Army units stationed in and around Khe Sanh, in Northwestern Quang Tri province, with 2-3 NVA divisions.You'll see dramatic low level airstrikes against enemy forces almost on top of besieged US Marines, all part of Operation Niagra, the coordinated aerial defense of the base.
Tactical Air Power This film gives an overview of US tactical air operations and doctrine, circa1967, with an emphasis on the then ongoing Vietnam War. You'll see Air Force, Navy, and Marine aircraft, including F4s, F-100s, F105s and conducting dramatic airstrikes and the introduction of the new F-111”swing wing” bomber. C-130 cargo operations are shown in detail, including very low level air drops, resupply under fire and worldwide refugee relief.
Three Technical manuals for the USAF F4 Series C, D and E 'Phantom” fighter bomber. Includes "Flight," "Weapons," and "Performance Data" Over 1400 pages in color and black and white of information on all flight procedures, operating limitations, flight characteristics, aircraft systems, weapons systems, full performance indexes & much more.
more info
Color photos of Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing and the North American XB-70A Valkyrie experimental bombers in flight and on the ground.
X-treme Bombers: The Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing and the North American XB-70A Valkyrie
Regular Price $17.95
Sale Price: $14.95
You save $3.00!

Four films and two flight manuals on one DVD
*Initial Flight of YB-49
This film was produced by the US Air Force and Northrop to show the first the test flights flights of the YB-49 Flying Wing at Northrop' s Hawthorne, California facility, introducing it to the American public for the first time.This aircraft is revealingly shown at all angles, including up close on the ground and in flight.
*The Story of the Flying Wing
Northrop Aircraft produced this information film to extol the Wing's virtues and answer her critics. The result is a film that gives a compelling overview of the principles of advantages of the Wing design, delivered by Northrop's Director of Engineering, Harrison F. Burke. You'll see color film of the jet powered wing in operation, supplemented by an extensive use of instructive animations.
*XB-70 Valkyrie Flight Test Program
This film, produced by North American Aviation, gives a concise overview of the early phases of the XB-70A aircraft design, construction, development and testing. You'll see Phase one & two flight tests and "proof loading" structural tests. The use and testing of "folded wing tips" and retraction of the "windshield ramp"in supersonic flight is discussed in detail along with the innovative air induction system. On the17th flight, on Oct 14th, 1965, the Valkyrie breaks the Mach 3 barrier and flies at over 70,0000 feet.
*XB-70A Valkyrie: Phase One Flight Testing
The critical first four flight tests of the XB-70A over 34 days at Edwards AFB are shown in detail culminating in the aircrafts first supersonic flight. As might be expected, these early f lights included some dramatic moments, including an in flight engine flame out and one of the landing gear bursting into flames during touch down. But, as mission chief test pilot Col Al White says, "if there were no problems during testing, you wouldn't need test pilots or test flights.

*Flight Handbook for the Northrop YB-49 Airplane
(77 pages)
*North American XB-70A "Valkyrie" Flight Manual (380 pages )

more info
Color photos of Convair B-58 and TB-58 Hustler supersonic jet bombers, holder of numerous international speed and altitude records, both on the ground and in the air as part of the Strategic Air Command.
Record Breaker: The B-58 Hustler Story Volume 2
Regular Price $19.95
Sale Price: $14.95
You save $5.00!

Record Breaker: The B-58 Hustler Story DVD Volume 2
* B-58 Hustler First Test Flight On Veterans Day, Nov 11th, 1956 Convair's revolutionary delta wing B-58 "Hustler" supersonic bomber took to the skies for the first time -- and you'll see it all in this memorable color film
* B-58 Hustler: Swift, Capable, Versatile, Operational! This a film report from the US Air Force on the progress of the B-58 Program was produced by the Convair Division of General Dynamics in January 1961. Highlights include B-58 crews scrambling from their '58 Chevy to get their Hustler airborne; the 18th Sept, 1959 low level capability demonstration flight from Texas to California averaging over 600 kts at altitudes below 500', and 43rd Bomb Wing B-58s win SAC's 1960 Combat Competition, defeating 24 other aircraft in both high & low level bombing classifications. Outstanding color B-58 Hustler footage throughout!
* Airplane 11: The First B-58 Trainer The first trainer version of the Hustler, the TB-58, was delivered by General Dynamics to the US Air Force in August, 1960, the first of eight R&D aircraft (this was "aircraft 11" in the series) converted for that purpose. The biggest change involved converting the Bomber/Navigator station (2nd seat aft) to a pilot/instructors compartment with instrumentation and controls.Highlights include great footage of the colorfully painted TB 58 training version in operation.
* Open Road III: B-58 MITO Tests During the depths of the Cold War, SAC bombers had only 15 to 20-minutes to get airborne between the launch of enemy missiles and their arrival at US targets. That meant that the ability get US air forces on their way quickly and efficiently was absolutely essential for survivability, striking power and deterrence. A critical element in this quick response was "MITO" - "Minimum Interval Take-Off." This involved determining the optimum interval between the launching aircraft to achieve the fastest possible deployment. There's some beautiful B-58 take-off footage here.
* B-58 Ejection System Development The B-58 was the first aircraft capable of operating at sustained supersonic speeds at very high altitudes. That posed new problems for crew ejection and survivability. This film, produced by General Dynamics and the US Air Force, shows the unique challenges in ejecting from the B-56 and the solutions that were developed over time.
* Escape and Survive Developed by B-58 capsule subcontractor and ejection seat pioneer Stanley Aviation, this film focuses on the design, manufacture and testing of the capsule itself.
* Convair TB-58A "Hustler" Flight Manual
Rare supplementary manual for the TB-58A, the training version of the Hustler.
more info
Color photo of Boeing B-52D Stratofortress bomber, part of the 4258th Strategic Wing, based in U Tapao, Thailand during operation Arc Light in the Vietnam War.
Boeing B-52 Stratofortresses Go to War DVD
Regular Price $19.95
Sale Price: $14.95
You save $5.00!

Three films & Pilot's Manual
B-52: Vietnam - Operations Out of U Tapao Air Base, Thailand
The focus of this dramatic film is an "Arc Light" bombing mission flown by Pilot Captain George Dietrich and the crew of B-52 D "075," 4258th Strategic Wing out of U Tapao, Thailand in support of the besieged marine base at Khe Sahn in Vietnam in 1968. You'll ride along with them in their B-52 and see them relax back at the base.
Operation Sky Watch NEW!
This is a time capsule from the height of the Cold War. In this detailed reenactment, Major Paul Dobbins and the crew of B-52G “Buzz Saw 48” are put on “Airborne Alert,” the highest stage of readiness during a crisis for SAC's strategic bombers in the early 1960s. Armed with a pair of nuclear tipped “Hound Dog” AGM-28 long range supersonic missiles, a load of A-Bombs and ADM-20 “Quail” jet powered decoys designed to fool enemy radars.

B-52 Landing Analysis
This step by step instructional film, produced by the US Air Force, is all about how to land the big B-52 "Buff." A landing is shown in detail, along with a number of "right way-wrong way" examples.
Flight Without a Fin This remarkable training film is the result of an unplanned accident. A B-52H, on loan from the Air Force to Boeing Aircraft for a series of performance tests, was hit by an extraordinary 10 second "microburst" of turbulence on a low level sortie over Colorado that literally ripped off most of its tail fin.. See how they brought it home.
* Boeing B-52D Flight Manual (1,100 pages in printable Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format) Fitted to carry a maximum conventional bomb load, the B-52D flew the bulk of strategic bombing missions in the Vietnam War. This very comprehensive manual with color highlights includes a thorough desciption of the aircraft, normal and emergency procedures, operating limitations, flight characteristics, systems operations, crew duties and much more.
more info
Still photos of the Korean War taken from the  films on the 2 DVD set The Battle for Korea
The Battle for Korea 2 DVD Set
Regular Price $22.95
Sale Price: $14.95
You save $8.00!

The Battle for Korea DVD 1

* A Motion Picture History of the Korean War This documentary, produced by the Defense Department, is a concise, easy to grasp history of the war told through maps, memorable"you are there" images and eye witness accounts. You'll learn about strategy and tactics while you see the dramatic eb and flow of the conflict from the North Korean invasion through the final cease fire.
* The 24th Infantry Division in the Korean War The 24th Division was the first US unit rushed into the conflict as a stop gap to slow the Communist advance and buy time for re- enforcement to arrive. In a series of extremely costly engagements near Osan and in Taejon that cost more than 3,600 casualties in 17 days, they delayed the enemy long enough for the defensive Pusan perimeter to be formed in the South.
* The 2nd Infantry Division in the Korean War The 2nd Division was one of the first units to arrive in Korea to reinforce the 24th on the Pusan Perimeter. After the breakout, they fought in some of the bloodiest and hardest fought battles of the war, including the capture of the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. When the War ground on during negotiations, they fought a series of storied engagements including "Old Baldy," "Pork Chop" and "T-Bone" Hills, and "Heart Break Ridge." One of the most decorated units in the war, they received a Presidential Citation .
The Battle of Korea DVD 2
* John Ford's "This is Korea: The Story of the 7th Fleet and the 1st Marine Division" "This is Korea" focuses on 1st Marine Division operations from the breakout from the Pusan Perimeter through Inchon and the epic "advance in another direction" from the Chosin Reservoir. Much of the film focuses on the all important role of very close air support between Navy and Marine Air Wings and combat Marines on the ground, a subject that Ford also explored in a World War 2 picture he directed during the same period, "Flying Leathernecks.It's another classic John Ford film.
* Operation Inchon This documentary tells the fascinating story of Douglas MacAthur's amphibious landing at the port of Inchon behind enemy lines. This brilliant move led to the liberation of the South Korean capital, Seoul, and a dramatic reversal in the course of the war.
* Special Bonus: Technical Manual for the T26/M26 Pershing Heavy Tank ,1945, 492 pages in Adobe acrobat .pdf file format. First deployed at the very end of World War 2, the 90mm gun equipped Pershing was the only tank in the US arsenal at the outbreak of the Korean War that could take on the powerful Russian made T34/85s.
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Photo of Republic F-105 Thunderchief fighter bombers on a mission high over the jungles of Vietnam
Republic F-105 Thunderchiefs Go to War DVD
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There is a Way; The 421st Fighter Squadron in Vietnam The best documentary featuring a US Air Force unit from the Vietnam War. See the 421st Fighter Squadron, 388th TFW, their F-105 Thunderchiefs and their crews in the air over Hanoi and on the ground at their base in Korat, Thailand. There's a multitude of informal, as it happened interviews with everyone from the group commander and pilots to hard working maintenance professionals. Pilots discuss tactics and missions, you'll see & hear briefings and debriefings, tour the flight line, relax with the squadron after hours and much more.
The Twenty-Five Hour Day; A Story of Air Force F-105s
This film, produced by Fairchild-Hiller-Republic for the US Air Force, offers a unique look inside F-105 Thunderchief” (The "Thud”) fighter-bomber operations when the air campaign against North Vietnamese supply lines was ramping up into high gear.Includes an excellent over view of Thud operations
against the Ho Chi Minh trail.
Faces of Rescue
F-105 flight leader Lt. James Devoss tells the dramatic account of his rescue from enemy held territory. You'll hear the story of his mission from takeoff to pickup by a "Jolly Green Giant" after being shot down, including actual footage of his rescue. You'll also see all aspects of a "search and rescue" operation that saved so many lives in Vietnam.

Flight Manual for the USAF Series F-105 Series D, F and G 'Thunderchief” all-weather fighter bomber. Over 800 pages of information on normal and emergency flight procedures, operating limitations, flight characteristics, weapons systems, full performance indexes & much more.

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