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Semper Fi-Marines in Vietnam
Photo of a Marine operating an M60 machine gun in the Vietnam war.
Still photo taken from the film

Semper Fi!
The US Marines in Vietnam DVD

Six films
with an M60 Machine Gun Manual

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Description Our DVD Specs
Semper Fi! Marines in Vietnam DVD
Six films featuring the US Marines in Vietnam on one DVD

The Battle: Operation Piranha (1965, Color, 13:00)This short but dramatic color films shows one of the first Marine offensive operations in the Vietnam War, in September 1965 --Operation Piranha. A combined amphibious assault and airborne vertical envelopment search and destroy mission, it was a follow-up to operation STARLITE aimed at the remnants of the 1st VC Regiment. MAG-16 used 40 UH-34D's to insert inland the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines into LZ OAK, four miles inland from the amphibious landing of 3rd Marines. Then 16 UH-34D's went to Quang Ngai shuttled two South Vietnamese battalions into LZ BIRCH and PINE escorted by four Army gunships. The next day, the Marines found a large VC force in a cave, one of the Marine's first cave clearing operations of the war. After the cave was blown, 66 VC bodies were found. Two Marines were lost. Despite the body count, the main VC force proved elusive.

Marines '66 (1967, Color, 26:00) This excellent quality color film, introduced by Lt. Gen. Lew Walt, Commanding General, III Marine Amphibious Force, gives a broad outline of Marine Corps activities in 1966, focusing on the rapidly expanding Vietnam War. Marines are shown in a wide variety of roles, including winning civilian hearts and minds, amphibious landings, air assaults, and Marine A-4 Skyhawk air support. The highlight of the film focuses on the two major Marine offensive thrusts in the summer of 1966, operations "Hastings" and "Prairie." Marine commanders Generals Lowell English and Wood B. Kyle give an overall explanation of strategy and tactics, but the standout moments are toe-to-toe fire fights filmed and narrated on the spot by Marine Corps combat cameramen, including Lima company, 3rd Marines relieving India company who was trapped on a hilltop by a large NVA force. You'll see and hear the battle as it occurred.

The Battle of Khe Sahn (1968, Color, 28:00) During the Spring and Summer of 1967, North Vietnamese commander General Giap targeted III Marine Amphibious Force and South Vietnamese Army units stationed in and around Khe Sanh, in Northwestern Quang Tri province, with 2-3 NVA divisions. His goal was to create a second Dien Bien Phu by destroying the base and dealing the US a psychological knock out blow. Khe Sanh was besieged for 77 days by a series of desperate attacks. Marines fought back, despite a devastating enemy artillery barrages. General William Westmorland gives a political and strategic overview of the battle showing why it was a US victory and Marine Col. David E Lownds, Commanding Officer at Khe Sahn discusses tactics. Surviving copies of this film have a dramatic pink/blue color cast that we have been able to almost entirely eliminate through digital color correction.

The Ordeal at Con Thien (1967, B&W, 28:00) A CBS News Special Report, originally shown as "Breaking News" in October 1967, hosted by Mike Wallace. We have digitally restored this print. This is "you are there" reporting from the battlefield. By the fall of 1967, Marine forces at Con Thein, just south of the DMZ, were under continuous bombardment from "protected" enemy artillery positions in the North. In September the NVA started major shelling. 152mm howitzers, 120mm and 82mm mortars and 122mm rockets hit the base daily. During the climax of the attack (September 19–27, 1967) over three thousand rounds of artillery pounded the fire base. 2nd Battalion 4th Marines was involved in three major battles with NVA forces. Con Thien was an exposed position that not of high military importance. Rather, as Gen. Westmorland points out in an interview, it was seen as a test of will and resolve between North Vietnam and America. It had overriding "political" significance, which, as you'll see and hear, was a hard sell to the Marines who had to sit and take the pounding, not a role they were designed for or accustomed to. Perhaps just as significantly it was becoming harder to sell a distant conflict to the American people where casualties were mounting and military objectives were not as clear as they had been in World War 2.

A Day in Vietnam (1968, Color, 28:00) This film, produced by the Department of the Navy, was specifically designed to counter increasing "anti-war" activity in the US by showing "the real war" in Vietnam, highlighting the accomplishments of America and her allies. Passionately narrated by "Dragnet" TV star (and former Marine Corps DI) Jack Web, it shows a wide variety of Marine Corps and Navy operations on an average day across the country. You'll see and hear about major Marine Corps bases across Vietnam and there areas of operation including search and destroy missions, Navy and Marine air support, civilian aid, river patrol and more.\

USAF 20th Helicopter Squadron CH-3C "Jolly Green Giant" helicopters support Marine Delta Force amphibious landing during "Operation Double Eagle" (1966, Color, 15:00) New, Exclusive documentary assembled from recently released raw archival footage. Excellent color. Operation Double Eagle in late January, 1966 was the largest Marine amphibious assault since the Korean War and the largest conducted during the Vietnam War. 5,000 marines from 1st Marines, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, and 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines landed by ship and helicopter in southern Quang Ngai Province near Duc Pho. Great quality color footage shows 20th Squadron "Jolly Green Giant" CH-3C helos operating out of Danang supporting the amphibious landing in a variety of roles including ferrying 105mm howitzers from "Red Beach" inland to forward fire bases, transporting causalities and captured VC, bringing in spare parts and ferrying civilians from the combat zone to safe havens.

OPERATOR’S MANUAL FOR MACHINE GUN, 7.62-MM, M60, 220 pages in Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format. Everything you need to know about the iconic M60 machine gun including operation and maintenance. The M60 was everywhere in Vietnam, supplying instant fire power to grunts on the ground, helicopters and river patrols.

Manual viewable and printable on computer DVD player. Don't have a DVD player on your computer? We can put the manual on a separate CD-ROM that will play on any home computer. Click here for info.

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