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Airstrike Vietnam DVD
Photo of a McDonnell F4C Phantom fighter.
Still photos taken from the films

--Airstrike Vietnam
Five color films and
Three F4C-D-E 'Phantom" Technical Manuals
New - Revised and Expanded edition
Exclusive - We "color corrected" these videos
You can see the difference

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Description Our DVD Specs
The Airstrike Vietnam DVD
Five color films and three F4C-D-E Phantom Fighter Technical Manuals
Exclusive -- We "color corrected" these films You can see the difference

The United States Air Force in Vietnam (1967,Color,27:00) This wide ranging video covers the rapid expansion of the US Air Force's roll in the Vietnam War in the mid 1960s. Bases are set up at Cam Ran Bay, Phan Rang, Bien Hoa and other sites. A wide range of aircraft are shown in action including F-100 Super Sabres, F4 Phantoms, F-104 Star Fighters, F-102 Delta Daggers, F-105 Thunder Chiefs, A-1 Skyraiders, B-52 and B-57 bombers and more. There's exciting combat footage throughout the film showing air strikes over both South and North Vietnam. Meet the aircraft and the men who flew and maintained them. You'll get a detailed view of the command structure and mission planning, including a look inside revolutionary airborne command and control centers that managed battles thousands of feet above the jungle. Covers vital air transport, SARs, and FAC operations and much more.
The Twenty Five Hour Day: A story of Air Force F-105s
(1966,Color, 28:00) This film, produced by Fairchild-Hiller-Republic for the US Air Force, offers a unique look inside F-105 “Thunderchief”
("The Thud!”) fighter-bomber operations when the air campaign against North Vietnamese supply lines was ramping up into to high gear. Secretary of State Robert McNamara gives the broad outline of the Thud's primary mission in a series of strategic briefings: to strangle the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the strategic supply line from North to South Vietnam, through Cambodia and Laos, that was showing a quantum increase in activity and importance. You'll see exciting color footage of F-105s, F-4s, F-100s and other aircraft hitting bridges, supply depots convoys and other key targets along the Trail, and carrying out tactical operations in the South in conjunction with air mobile units. You'll see F -105 mission briefings, base operations, midair refueling, maintenance, and up close scenes of everyday pilot life on an extremely active forward base, working “Twenty-Five Hour Days.” “It's amazing how this film takes us back to the midst of the atmosphere and operational mindset of this important phase of the Vietnam air war. A true window on the past.” Zeno.
FAC F-100 Supports US Army (1967,Color,4:00) This short film is a real gem. You'll see an Air Force Forward Air Controller (FAC) assigned to the 1st Division, flying a tiny Cessna O-1E “Bird Dog” and operating in conjunction with three F-100 fighter bombers out of Phan Rang and local Army Artillery. Their mission is in support 3rd Brigade operations against VC bases near Lai Khe, 50 miles from Saigon. Specifically, to “prep” an LZ so chopper borne troops could land and conduct offensive operations. You'll see spectacular color footage of the Bird Dog operating in tandem with the F-100s, striking at very low altitudes, followed closely by a Huey assault. The importance of FAC air operations in the Vietnam War cannot be overstated. Pilots flew the equivalent of vulnerable paper airplanes within rifle shot of the enemy to coordinate air and artillery strikes and the rescue of downed pilots.
Air Power at Khe Sanh (1967,Color,15:00) During the Spring and Summer of 1967, North Vietnamese commander General Giap targeted III Marine Amphibious Force and South Vietnamese Army units stationed in and around Khe Sanh, in Northwestern Quang Tri province, with 2-3 NVA divisions. His goal was to create a second Dien Bien Phu by destroying the base and dealing the US a psychological knock out blow like he had to the French 13 years before. Khe Sanh was besieged for 77 days by a series of desperate attacks. You'll see dramatic low level airstikes against enemy forces almost on top of besieged US Marines, part of Operation Niagara, the coordinated aerial defense of the base. Marines fight back, despite a devastating enemy artillery barrage. C-130s fly in vital supplies in the face of heavy ground fire. You'll see a revolutionary flying command post coordinating air operations, using the latest high tech equipment to deal heavy blows against enemy troop concentrations that helped neutralize Giap's offensive.
Tactical Air Power (1967, Color 20:00) This film, produced by the US Air Force's Military Airlift Command, gives an overview of US tactical air operations and doctrine, circa1967, with an emphasis on the ongoing Vietnam War. You'll see Air Force, Navy, and Marine aircraft, including F4s, F-100s, F105s and conducting dramatic airstrikes and the introduction of the new F-111”swing wing” bomber. C-130 cargo operations are shown in detail, including very low level air drops, resupply under fire and worldwide refugee relief.
Three F4 Phantom Technical Manuals: Flight Manual (343 pages), Performance Data Manual (416 pages), and Air Crew Weapons Delivery Manual (Non-Nuclear, 674 pages) for the McDonnell USAF Series F-4 Series C, D, E "Phantom” Aircraft in Adobe Acrobat,pdf file format You'll see detailed info on all control panels, instruments, fuel, hydraulic, electronic, computer, radar, ejection, communications, engine, weapons systems and much more. Charts, diagrams, indexes in black and white and color. “Everything you ever wanted to know about the Phantom!” Zeno
Flight Manual is viewable on computer installed DVD player. Don't have a DVD player on your computer? We can put your manual on a separate CD-ROM that will play on any PC or Mac.Click here for info.

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