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The Battle for Korea 2 DVD Set
Still photos of the Korean War taken from the  films on the 2 DVD set The Battle for Korea
Scenes from the 2 DVD Set "The Battle for Korea"
The Battle for Korea
A Two DVD Set

The story of the Korean War
though 5 documentary films
with a Pershing Heavy Tank Manual
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The Battle for Korea 2 DVD Set
"Korea" is still in the headlines long after the Korean War Armistice was signed in 1953. 28,000 US troops are still on high alert in a hot spot that could boil over at any time. What happened there still resonates in our lives. The North Koreans now have WMDs and angry threats and provocations are a harsh reality. But the heavy sacrifices our service men & women made there 50 years ago are seldom recalled. Korea is called "the Forgotten War" because many of us have only a foggy conception of an costly struggle that occurred within living memory.That was more than enough motivation for us to produce our new two DVD set, "The Battle for Korea." We've assembled over 3 hours of seldom seen archival film that will show you what happened in the Korean conflict through the sights and sounds of the battles that were fought there.
The Battle for Korea DVD 1-- Three films
* A Motion Picture History of the Korean War (58:00, B&W,1958) This documentary, produced by the Defense Department, is a concise, easy to grasp history of the war told through maps, memorable"you are there" images and eye witness accounts. You'll learn about strategy and tactics while you see the dramatic eb and flow of the conflict from the North Korean invasion through the final cease fire. Highlights include rare gun camera footage of ground attacks by a variety of aircraft, including the seldom seen F7F Tigercat, the first Marine helicopter air assault to secure a hilltop behind enemy lines, F-86 Sabres taking on Migs, B-29 strikes, amphibious and airborne attacks, fighting a Winter war, Naval support, toe-to-toe combat infantry operations through mountainous terrain and much more.
* The 24th Infantry Division in the Korean War (30:00 B&W,1960) The 24th Division was on peaceful occupation duty in Japan when North Korean tanks unexpectedly burst across the 38th parallel in June 1950. They were the first US troops rushed into the conflict as a stop gap to slow the Communist advance and buy time for re- enforcement to arrive. In a series of extremely costly engagements near Osan and in Taejon that cost more than 3,600 casualties in 17 days, they delayed the enemy long enough for the defensive Pusan perimeter to be formed in the South. After the Inchon landing, they drove all the way up to the Yalu River before being driven back with the rest of the UN forces by the massive Chinese intervention. When UN forces counterattacked, they fought in the second liberation of Seoul. The 24th went through it all.
* The 2nd Infantry Division in the Korean War (30:00, B&W,1960) The 2nd Division was one of the first units to arrive in Korea to reinforce the 24th on the Pusan Perimeter. After the breakout, they fought in some of the bloodiest and hardest fought battles of the war, including the capture of the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. After the surprise Chinese invasion, the fought there way out of trap laid by 5 enemy divisions in the Battle of the Chong Chong River. When the War ground on during negotiations, they fought a series of storied engagements including "Old Baldy," "Pork Chop" and "T-Bone" Hills, and "Heart Break Ridge." One of the most decorated units in the war, they received a Presidential Citation. The 2nd sustained more than 7,000 combat deaths during the Korean War, the highest number suffered by a US division in any modern conflict.
The Battle for Korea DVD 2-- Two films and Pershing Heavy Tank Manual
* John Ford's "This is Korea: The Story of the 7th Fleet and the 1st Marine Division" (55:00 Color,1952) EXCLUSIVE RESTORED EDITION Color footage of the Korean War is very rare. Unfortunately, surviving copies of this important film by Academy Award Winning Director John Ford have terrible image quality, making parts of it virtually unwatchable. So, we spent weeks going through the film shot by shot to restore the color. You can see "before and after" shots here.
"This is Korea" focuses on 1st Marine Division operations from the breakout from the Pusan Perimeter through Inchon and the epic "advance in another direction" from the Chosin Reservoir. Much of the film focuses on the all important role of very close air support between Navy and Marine Air Wings and combat Marines on the ground, a subject that Ford also explored in a World War 2 picture he directed during the same period, "Flying Leathernecks." You'd see F4Us, Panthers and Sky Raiders pounding the enemy right in front of Marine positions. Plus, you'll see Marines up close in a variety of actions including house-to-house fighting, Pershing tank led assaults, artillery support, amphibious operations and on all too brief R&R. When you watch this memorable combination of moving narration and powerful imagery, you'll know right away it's another classic John Ford film.
* Operation Inchon (25:00,B&W,1958,) This documentary tells the fascinating story of Douglas MacAthur's amphibious landing at the port of Inchon behind enemy lines. This brilliant move led to the liberation of the South Korean capital, Seoul, and a dramatic reversal in the course of the war. Previously victorious North Korean forces were out flanked and forced into a pellmell retreat back north of the 38th Parallel, almost to the Siberian border. The 1st Marine Division, backed by the 7th Infantry, US Airborne and ROK forces surprised the communists at Inchon, making the most of naval and air superiority. All aspects of the assault on Inchon harbor and the subsequent taking of Seoul are covered in detail with exciting combat photography and illuminating strategic and tactical maps showing unit operations.
* Special Bonus: Technical Manual for the T26/M26 Pershing Heavy Tank,1945, 492 pages in Adobe acrobat .pdf file format. First deployed at the very end of World War 2, the 90mm gun equipped Pershing was the only tank in the US arsenal at the outbreak of the Korean War that could take on the powerful Russian made T34/85s. This very comprehensive manual is chocked full of detailed charts, photos, diagrams and instructions that cover all aspects of Pershing tank operations, including specifications & descriptions, driving, weapons systems, engines, instruments, electrics, track maintenance and much more.

Pershing Tank manual viewable & printable on computer based DVD player. Don't have a DVD player on your computer? We can put the manual on a separate CD-ROM that will play on any computer!
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