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X-Planes and Test Pilots DVD
Color photo of a North American Aviation X-15 experimental rocket plane ready for launch from a B-52 bomber during a speed record attempt
Still photos taken from the films
--X-Planes and Test Pilots DVD
Four films on one DVD
Profile of a World War 2 Flight Test Pilot
Research Test of Convair Model 7002/XF-92A Airplane
X-15 1960 Report
X-15 1961 Report

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Description Our DVD Specs
X-Planes and Test Pilots DVD
(Sound & Video Digitally Restored)
C 2008
* Profile of a Flight Test Pilot
(1945, B&W, 30:00) This film was developed by personnel at the Army Air Corps top secret Wright Field flight test facility during World War 2 to give pilots the low down on what to expect if they joined their aircraft testing program. As such, the film is both very informative and interesting, with plenty of info about flight testing at that time
, including climb, level flight, take off and landing, test instruments, and pilot responsabilities. But, there is much more. You also get a look behind the curtain at Wright Field at some of the rarest and most bizarre aircraft produced during World War II, including one-off prototypes. You'll see a Bell P-63 Kingcobra doing aerobatic spin & stall tests, a Bell P-59 Airacomet jet fighter, a Plat-LePage XR-1A twin rotor helicopter, a tiny Bell XP-77 fighter, a Curtiss XP-60C with contra-rotating props, a weird hybrid B24/B-17, a beautiful 20-mm canon equipped test P-51A from the first Mustang production run, captured enemy aircraft,and more. This film is a real gem and beautifully preserved.
* Research Test of Convair Model 7002/XF92A Airplane at U.S. Air Force Test Base Muroc, California
(1948, COLOR, 10:00)
From the description at the US Air Force Museum web site: "This airplane was the world's first jet aircraft to fly using the radical delta-wing configuration pioneered by Germany's Dr. Alexander Lippisch during the 1930s. The Convair Model 7002 was completed in 1948 as a flying mock-up for the proposed delta wing XP-92 interceptor. (In 1948 the Air Force changed the designation from P for pursuit to F for fighter.) The Model 7002 was designed to investigate delta wing behavior at low and high subsonic speeds.
The 7002 was initially powered by an Allison J33-A-23 turbojet engine and later the J33-A-29 turbojet with afterburner. It was formally delivered to the USAF on May 14, 1949, and named the XF-92. It was flown by Air Force test pilots until its nose gear collapsed on landing on Oct. 14, 1953, ending its flying career. With the experience gained from the XF-92 program, Convair was able to win the competition for the "1954 Interceptor" program and to build the successful delta-wing F-102 Only one XF-92A was built; it was delivered to the Air Force Museum in 1969 from the University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn."
This rare color film shows the 7002 being tested by Consolidated (later Convair) in 1948 at the Muroc Test Base in California, (later Edwards Air Force Base). Surely there is no more Godforsaken spot on the face of the Lower 48! It's hard to imagine a more influential aircraft, as the delta wing was not only adopted in the Convair's F-102 and B-58, but also in a long series of other US, British, French, and Russian designs. Charts shown in the film do a good job of illustrating the many virtues of the 60 degree delta wing.
* X-15 (1959, COLOR, 27:00) This documentary was produced by North American Aviation to show the development of the X-15 rocket plane. The legendary test pilot, Scott Crossfield, is at the controls. The test site is once again Edwards Air Force Base. There is beautiful color footage of X-15 flights here as well as scenes from support, development and construction. The film also gives background for the X-Plane program, going to the Bell X-1. The purpose built X-15 experimental aircraft broke speed and altitude records almost every time it flew. If ever there was an aircraft where form followed function, the X-15 was it! Fans of the "Right Stuff" will remember that the X-15 arguably entered Space before the astronauts of the Apollo missile program. ("Spam in a can!")
* X-15 1961 Annual Report (1961, COLOR, 18:00) The X-15 program really takes off in a record breaking year with Joe Walker, Scott Crossfield, Niel Armstrong and other legendary test pilots at the controls, soaring past Mach 3. Two planes are used for flight and engine testing -- there's an amazing scene of a walk away explosion. More remarkable color footage of the series of test flights and a couple of wonderful post mission debriefings by Scott Crossfield.

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