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Mastering the Thompson Submachine Gun in 6 Parts DVD
Photo of a GI firing a Tommy Gun from the World War 2 US Army training film Mastering the Thompson Sub Machine Gun.
Still photo taken from the film
Screen Shots from the videos:

Mastering the Thompson Submachine Gun
6 part
video with Thompson operating manual
All on one DVD

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Description Our DVD Specs
Mastering the Thompson Submachine Gun
in Six Parts on One DVD
(B&W, 1942-1943) 1 hour 30-minutes
Originally developed as the .45 caliber “Trench Broom” for close-in fighting at the end of World War I, no other weapon is more surrounded by legend and mystique than the “Tommy Gun.” Used by both gangsters and law enforcement officers during the “Roaring Twenties”, it was frequently shown in films and in posed photographs, its drum magazine and instant fire power making it immediately recognizable. You could even buy one at your local variety store! During World War II, the Thompson came into it’s own for it’s originally intended purpose, making war along side the US Army and Marine Corps. Much prized by the Allies, it was shipped in large quantities to British, Commonwealth, French, and Polish troops, along with many other nations. The Thompson saw action from the frozen Battle of the Bulge to the sweltering rain forests of New Guinea — and made every stop in between. The Germans admired and respected it for it’s extreme ruggedness – you could literally stomp on one in the mud, wipe it off & start firing. Most American troops preferred it over its cheaper-to-produce successor, the “burp gun,” for it’s superior accuracy and workmanship.

This is the definitive film series produced by the Army Signal Corps in 1942-43 to train troops in the use of this outstanding weapon. This film is not only a very detailed tour of the Tommy Gun, it’s also a window on how our troops were trained in it’s use during World War II.
Part 1: Principles of Operation A thorough explanation of the inner workings of the Thompson delivered through a live tear down, with supplemental animation. You’ll learn how all the parts function together in this very innovative design.
Part 2: Assembly and Disassembly Learn the theory and practice of the strip down and reassembly of the Thompson – the Army way -- according to functional groups. This is not a gloss – it covers every step, including lubrication and the careful identification and allocation of every part. Note the quality of construction.
Part 3: Manual of Arms Learn the unique requirements of presenting your Thompson on the parade ground. Filmed in 1940s vintage “film noir” style.
Part 4. Loading & Firing (1) Detailed instructions on packing both drum and clip magazines and attaching them to the weapon. Setting and firing single shot and automatic bursts. Bolt operation. Dealing with jams in the field. Operating the sights.
Part 5. Loading & Firing (2) Different types of ammunition and their uses. Safety precautions during assembly and in the field.
Part 6. Marksmanship Blackening your sights using an open flame. Triangulating your sights for accuracy. Estimating range. Firing positions: standing, kneeling, prone and seated. How to neutralize muzzle climb, even during extended bursts. See the Thompson used in a training field exercise. Firing at aircraft.
Includes 30 page Thompson Submachine Gun Model 1928 manual in Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format.
Manual viewable on computer DVD player. Don't have a DVD player on your computer? We can put the manual on a separate CD-ROM! (Click here for info,)

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