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P-51 Mustangs Go To War DVD
World War 2 photos of North American P-51D Mustangs.
Still photos taken from the films
Screen Shots from the videos:

P-51 Mustangs Go To War DVD
Six action packed films on one DVD
with a complete 130 page P-51 pilot's manual

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Description Our DVD Specs
P-51 Mustangs Go To War DVD
* Flight Characteristics of the North American P-51 "Mustang" (1944, B&W, 30:36) Covers all aspects of the theory & practice of P-51 operations, including takeoffs, landings, aerobatics, dive limits, and laminar wing airflow theory. Oscar nominee Lee J. Cobb plays Mustang designer "Dietz" in this detailed pilot training film. Often called the best all around piston engine fighter of World War 2, Chuck Yeager became an Ace in the '51. The Mustang's very high speed and all 'round qualities as a fighter coupled with extreme range for use as a bomber escort and interdicting fighter bomber were crucial factors when the 8th Air Force turned the tide of the Air War over Europe.
* The 354th Fighter Group "Mustang Pioneers" Color Scrapbook (Color 12:00) New! Exclusive production.Rare color film of the legendary 354 Fighter Group, with over 700 Kills, the highest scoring American unit in Europe. You'll see great aces like G.T. Eagleston and B.W. Carr at work and at play in their newly captured base in Germany in Spring, 1945, only a few months before war's end. Nice scenes with the group's well known P-51Ds too, including "Margie Maru" and "Angel's Playmate." This was the first group to fly P-51Bs in the ETO. Amazing color gun camera film!
* Fight for the Sky (1945, B&W, 40:00)
Hard-to-find 40-minute version In February of 1944, General Jimmy Doolittle "turned loose" his fighters for the first time to go after the Luftwaffe where they lived. This marked a radical change in strategy from the disastrous tactics of 1943 that kept escorting fighters chained to bombers. Now, US fighters, including the super long range P-51, probed deep into Germany, catching the opposition on the ground, inflicting mortal damage. This tactic marked a turning point in the war in the air in the ETO, and contributed to critical total air superiority over the beaches of Normandy. This feature combines thrilling combat footage filmed by 8th Air Force cameramen with some of the most action packed World War II gun camera footage you'll ever see.
A Day with the A-36s (1944, Color14:00) Exclusive production.NEW EDITION with more content 1/2023! The A-36 was the ground attack variant of the P-51 and was known as "the Invader" or "the Mustang." Unique extended color version with newly discovered footage. Very rare combat film of an A-36A fighter-bomber squadron in action in Sicily. The A36A was equipped with the Mustang's original Allison engine, as opposed to the Rolls Royce Merlin adapted so successfully in the escort versions, which worked just fine for low level work. Note the quad 20mm canons on this fast and powerful attack plane, very unusual on an American fighter.You'll see ground crews doing their critical support work, including fueling, rearming and maintaining these sleek birds. This exciting film includes incredible cockpit views of screaming ground attack runs as well as fascinating scenes from a captured Italian air base. Hidden gems in this film are up close views of captured or destroyed Axis aircraft, including an He 111 and a rare view of an intact Italian Macchi 202 "Folgore" in full desert cammo.
* Air Attacks Against Italy (1945, B&W, 6:00) More exciting "from the cockpit" views of A-36 bombing & strafing attacks near Rome in 1944. This is a short film, but it's nonstop action! Some of the best footage of US dive bombing attacks you will find anywhere.
Bonus feature: Luftwaffe Finis (Color 12:00) New! Exclusive production.Newly discovered color footage of top Luftwaffe leaders and pilots taken as they fell into Allied hands at the end of World War II. You'll see startlingly realistic color footage of Herman Goering, Adolf Galland, Hans Ulrich Rudel and many more. Captured aircraft are shown as well, including an Me 262, the first jet fighter, and an FW 190. You'll be amazed when you see these color images. A must have for World War II aviation fans.

130 page North American P-51D's pilot's manual in .pdf file format with photos, color illustrations, detailed systems diagrams, performance charts, procedures & more. "If you don't have this comprehensive manual, you're only getting half the story of the P-51." -- Zeno
Pilot's manuals are viewable and printable on computer DVD player . Don't have a DVD player on your computer? We can put the manual on a separate CD-ROM!
(Click here for info,)

Watch "P-51 Flight Characteristics" from our P-51 Mustangs Go to War DVD

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