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World War 2 Through Axis Eyes: Captured German Newsreels Plus Tiger Tank Manual
World War 2 still photos taken from German Newsreels including Junkers JU 88 bombers, Focke Wulf FW 190 fighter bombers over Russia, King Tiger Tanks, Luftwaffe night fighter ace Leopold Fellerer, and Panzerjager Hornisse (Hornets) armed with 88s
Still photos taken from the films
World War 2 Through Axis Eyes
Captured German Newsreels
with a Tiger Tank Manual!

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Description Our DVD Specs
World World War 2 Through Axis Eyes
Captured German Newsreels
All on one DVD!
German combat cameramen were celebrities for a good reason. This is a treasure trove of World War 2 newsreels that were shown in Germany, occupied counties and countries friendly to the Axis powers.Supplementary text in English has been added, but the pictures tell the story here.Of course, some of these films have an obvious propaganda slant: Nazi leaders are idolized and retreats are portrayed as victories. But they are also a unique and very dramatic collection of seldom seen World War 2 combat footage, often in very good to excellent condition, that shows events as they happened. (We have digitally restored the video & audio sound tracks. See a sample gallery of images here.)

"I regularly watch the cable history channels, but most of this footage is completely new to me or I have only seen snippets from longer scenes that are shown here in their entirety. From a raucous ready room at a Luftwaffe night fighter base to tank battles on the frozen steppes of Russia, this is a tremendous collection of
World War 2 combat and historical footage, as seen from 'the other side'" Zeno

The Invasion of Poland in 1939 by the German Army (Black & White: 21:00, 1943) Captured German combat footage assembled by the US Army Signal Corps with English narration. Some highlights: The fall of Danzig. Extensive footage of German armored columns fighting and advancing across Poland, including numerous early war tanks and armored vehicles. Engineers bridge the Vistula. Junkers He 111, Dornier Do 17, and Junker's Ju 87 bomber and Messerschmidt Bf 109 fighter operations. The use of photo reconnaissance. The fall of Warsaw. Captured Polish weapons and equipment and more.
Die Deutsche Wochenshau Newsreels in German with English explanatory text added (1943-45, Black and White, 42:00) Some highlights: Rommel visits the 21st Panzer Division (with many shots of armored vehicles) and Pips Priller's JG 26 fighter squadron in France. Luftwaffe night fighter operations including Leopold Fellerer (41) & Prinz zu Sayn-Wittentgenstein (83). German FLAK units and Italian Macchi C.202 Folgore fighters oppose Allied air attacks in Italy. German mountain troops in the Abruzzis. 3rd Panzer Army's Winter defense of Vitebsk, Russia. The aftermath of the "Operation Valkyrie" assassination attempt on Hitler as the German people saw it. Marder one man subs. FW 190 fighter/bomber operations in Russia. Panzers clash with Soviet tanks in East Prussia. Stukas dive bomb Warsaw. 15th Panzer Grenadier Panthers counterattack the Americans at Luneville. Mark VI "King Tiger" tanks pass in review and more.
Axis War News in French and Portuguese with English explanatory text added. (1941-44, Black and White, 26:00) Some highlights: German air & naval forces attack Allied convoys to Murmansk. Italian Sub Barbarigo operating in the South Atlantic. German & Italian forces attack an allied convoy in the Med. The fight for the Red October Factory in Stalingrad. The battle before Leningrad. Rommel's Afrika Korps is resupplied. German defensive lines and fortifications in Italy. HE 111 bomber attacks on the Eastern Front. Axis forces defend the "Kuban Bridgehead" against Soviet attacks. Elite German assault boat troops fight in the Kuban River marshes. The German commerce raider "Thor's" epic voyage to Japan and more.
Japanese Newsreels in Japanese with English explanatory text added.(1942, Black and White, 6:00) The sinking of the British battleship Prince of Wales and Battlecruiser Repulse by Japanese bombers. The surrender of Allied forces in Singapore.
"Tigerfibel" Tiger 1 Tank Manual in German -- 94 pages in color in Adobe Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format. Includes operating instructions, specifications, maintenance, system diagrams, parts illustrations, photographs, range and target leading calculations, and range and vulnerability charts for Allied Churchill, KV 1, Lee, Sherman, and T 34 tanks. Manual is viewable on computer DVD player. Don't have a DVD player on your computer? We can put the manual on a separate CD-ROM! (Click here for info,)

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